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Werenbach Mach 33 review

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Werenbach Mach 33 is a watch made of space rocket.  The philosophy behind Werenbach Mach 33 is to bring space to your wrist. The watch is named after the escape velocity needed to overcome earth gravity. The watch is made out of pieces from launched rockets that have been checked for space radiation, and the incorporated into this new Swiss watch design.

The Werenbach Mach 33 watch is of high-quality materials. For example, the casing crafted from a single piece of metal comes a single beautiful screwless monohull housing. At the heart of the dial lays the real piece of spaceborn rocket. All made possible with clever swiss thinking and watchmaking know-how.

Whats really unique about the Werenbach Mach 33 is that the watch has a chip inside, never used like this for watchmaking before. The chip is digitally integrated with your phone. This technology shows you many details about the rocket the piece in your watch comes from. The chip in the watch also proves the authenticity of the watch which is a really cool feature as well. When buying a Werenbach Mach 33 you get yourself a real piece of human history.

However, the coolest feature about this watch is the ability to connect directly to the live stream of the international space station. This makes it possible for you to get the same view as the astronauts aboard through a direct stream from the watch to your smartphone. Mach 33 makes it possible for you to experience  ‘The overview effect’ through your watch.

Werenbach mach 33 watches
Werenbach Mach 33 collection

The Collection

The Werenbach Mach 33 watches are available in three different models. The Sports Models, The Classic Models and The Special Models. The price for a Mach 33 watch is 300-400 dollars depending on the model. This is a very affordable price for everyone who wants a piece of human history. All Mach 33 watches is with genuine rocket material from a Soyuz rocket.

Werenbach Mach 33 caseback

The case of the Werenbach Mach 33 watch is very special as it is milled from a single one piece of stainless steel. The case is of extraordinary quality and has no watch back, bezel or screws. Clean and simple design.

You can get the watch in two sized. The 38 and 42mm. The smaller watch case of 38mm is for those with narrow wrists both men and women. You can customize the watch with your own choice of strap. No matter if you are into leather, high-quality steel or a NATO strap. You can get it for your Mach 33!

The concept and design of the Werenbach Mach 33 are from Switzerland. The technology and dials are from Germany. The movement from Japan. The cases are from a top production factory in Hong Kong. The rocket is made in Russia and then recovered from Kazakhstan.


Case size: 38 & 42mm
Movement: Miyota GM10, Quartz
Materials: Stainless steel & booster shell in aluminium

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