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Hublot Smartwatch Referee 2018 Review

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Hublot Big Bang Referee is a special edition smartwatch limited to 2018 pieces. Introduced at the FIFA 2018 world cup, the watch is worn by all of the referees throughout the tournement. The watch is 49mm wide so quite large. The case is in a beautiful titanium case with the look of the popular big bang model. The price of the watch is $5200.

It’s the first Hublot smartwatch ever but probably not the last one.

Hublot Smartwatch Referee special edition review

The Hublot Smartwatch Referee runs on Android and takes about 2 hours to charge. The watch has a lot of cool features. You can put in your favourite teams and the watch will automatically switch into match mode every time a game is about to begin. Match mode will give you an update on the match, including lots of stats and even vibrate when a team scores a goal. It keeps you up to date with everything that happens in the match.

There is a lot of customizations available for the watch. A lot of different designs on the dial and you can modify the watch with another strap. The watch has a really easy strap system to switch straps with a one-click method.  The watch is standard with a black rubber strap but you modify the watch with a strap in the colours of your national team which is a really cool feature.

Hublot Smartwatch Referee can be used beyond the world cup with a lot of features excepted from a smartwatch like doing calls, check your messages, use the calendar and get notifications about events. The watch also has Google assistant so you can ask questions and get answers for everything you need to know.

At the price of $5200, this watch actually makes it the most accessible Hublot watch at the moment.

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