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Hublot smartwatch referee

Hublot Big Bang Referee is a special edition smartwatch limited to 2018 pieces. Introduced at the FIFA 2018 world cup, the watch is worn by all of the referees throughout the tournement. The watch is 49mm wide so quite large.…

James bond omega seamaster

Billions In the TV show, Billions the main character, head fund manager Bobby Axelrod is wearing an Audemars Piguet throughout the whole Serie. Bobby Alexrod is a character known for his very relaxing style of clothing but still chooses to…

Werenbach mach 33

Werenbach Mach 33 is a watch made of space rocket.  The philosophy behind Werenbach Mach 33 is to bring space to your wrist. The watch is named after the escape velocity needed to overcome earth gravity. The watch is made out…

Omega speedmaster dark side of the moon

Omega Speedmaster watches are cool enough in itself, but the special edition Dark Side Of The Moon gives it just an additional layer of deliciousness, which also plays an extra part in the fact that Speedmaster has been approved by…